The VSSC staff works hard to provide a seamless and fluid patient experience. No one likes to go somewhere with no clue as to what will happen. Below is a detailed explanation of what exactly to expect on your first visit to Valdosta Spine & Sport Chiropractic, LLC!


Health Intake Paperwork 

Before we can start working together to address your issues, we must have a complete understanding of your past and current medical history. This is accomplished through the health intake paperwork that you will fill out at your first appointment. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early, at which point we will provide you with a tablet to fill out your paperwork. This will streamline the health record process and give us more time with you.


Taking a History 

Once the health intake paperwork is complete, Dr. Croft will take a detailed history of your complaint. This will be done through specific questioning, and hearing your own narrative, which will help Dr. Croft provide a clear diagnosis. One of the greatest skills that a doctor can have is the skill of listening intently. By doing this, we are able to better grasp the true nature of the issue, its relation to you as the patient, and develop a stronger plan. 

STEP 3: Examination

Following the history will be a comprehensive examination and functional assessment. This may include taking vitals, a variety of orthopedic tests, visual assessment, palpation, and movement screenings. By collecting objective information through a detailed exam and coupling that information with the history of each condition, we will be able to establish a diagnosis and a plan of treatment.

STEP 4:Report of Findings

During the report of findings, Dr. Croft will take time to clearly explain the exam findings, and what those findings mean in relation to each condition. Dr. Croft will then establish a plan, be that immediate treatment, diagnostic imaging, or another course of action. Each patient’s clear understanding of their condition, what caused it, and how Dr. Croft can help is of utmost importance and will be a goal of each appointment.

STEP 5: Treatment

After a report of findings, if appropriate, Dr. Croft will continue into the treatment portion of the appointment. This may include chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue treatment, corrective exercise, or a combination of these. Click here to view our services page, where each service offered at VSSC is explained in greater detail.