At Valdosta Spine & Sport Chiropractic, LLC, helping people get out of pain and live better, healthier lives is the foundation of the care that we strive to provide to every one of our patients. Every piece of our approach to chiropractic is systematic, with individualized patient care being the sole exception. By consistently examining and clinically assessing each patient’s problems, and following up with a tailored plan for that patient, we can provide the same high-level quality of care, while still customary to each person. Applying sports medicine to the general population is the overarching concept that this customary care is built upon, incorporating varying amounts of adjustments, soft tissue treatment, and active care/rehabilitation.

     By involving each and every patient in their own care, we are able to empower them to help themselves out of pain, and stay out of pain by growing the strength, mobility, and control of their own bodies, thereby providing an environment of not only treatment, but also learning.

     Outside of treatment for neuromusculoskeletal complaints, we at VSSC have a desire to positively impact each person that we have the opportunity to meet through chiropractic. This desire is manifested in the way we greet, interact with, and communicate with our patients. Joy, kindness, love, and a listening ear are all a part of every patient’s treatment plan. Ultimately, we just want to help others. Chiropractic just so happens to be a perfect vessel through which to do that. We are confident that we can use this great profession as a platform to reach many. Through hard work, out of love, this will be the result.